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What Is The Best Timeframe To Trade Forex?

Forex is a high-risk trading instrument which is not suited for all traders and investors. An International Relations graduate who’s passionate in contemporary global financial issues. Currently active in writing online articles specifically about cryptocurrency, forex, and trading strategies. On Friday afternoon New York time, trading activities will drop drastically because most Asian and European traders have stopped working and going into the weekend. Economic news released in the US certainly has a very huge impact to move the prices on the market. Despite the fact that markets react to economic news from various countries, the biggest movers and most watched news come from the United States. Several resources can be found online to teach you the basics of technical analysis while you learn Forex trading.

As a result, competition among online brokers is high, leading to costs dropping down and boosting features. best time to trade forex There may be occasions when there is no clear pattern to the price action of a currency pair.

When Should Nigerians Avoid Trading Forex?

Moreover, on important instruments like EUR/USD, Nasdaq, and others, Pepperstone charges some of the lowest spreads on its Razor Account. In addition, NinjaTrader provides CQG Mobile and NinjaTrader Mobile for Nigerians to use on iOS and Android smartphones.

  • When an important statement is released relating to economic data – especially if it contradicts the predictions – currency can rise or fall in value in the blink of an eye.
  • Of course, you can still trade during these sessions, but with most investors not getting involved, it may be the best idea to do the same.
  • This may place you in the middle of the action, but unless you know how to trade the news effectively, you should stay out of it.
  • A trader does not have to keep track of the hundreds of economic reports published worldwide and impact all currencies.
  • Obsessing over charts for long periods of time can lead to fatigue.

And since these positions last for long, the best timeframe for position trading is any timeframe higher than the daily one. Like intraday trading, day trading also involves making and closing trades within a trading day. Because of its nature, day traders often rely on a lot of technical analysis to make their trades. You’ll find some of the best day trading indicators day traders use in their analyses here. ” is a common question a lot of traders ask, especially those new to the forex market. This creates more supply and demand and pushes the price up or down.

Live Forex Sessions By Time Zone

On Friday, you can see the reversal of trends as most U.S traders close their positions in the second half of the U.S session to protect themselves from the overnight significant news events. New York, the central city in the US trading sessions, accounts for roughly 15% of the daily total forex transactions across the world. During the overlap of the European and the U.S sessions, volatility and liquidity remain high. However, as the European session ends, the momentum of transactions decreases. Other financial centres, such as Toronto and Chicago also contribute to trading during the U.S trading session. For traders in a European time zone, night time trading would allow you to catch the second part of the US session and the Asian session open. Any currency paired with the USD, CAD, NZD, JPY and AUD might provide some trading opportunity.

Positional trend traders study the daily or higher timeframes to catch long-term trends. The best timeframe to trade Forex depends on the Forex trader, who has a trading strategy, trading style, and personality.


However, it’s important to pay attention to the fundamental news that’s already or is about to be released. The liquidity tends to be high during the morning time in New York because it overlaps with the European session. Oftentimes, the trend that occurs during the European session extends until the beginning of the New York session. Most of the market movements happen during the early part of the session when fundamental economic news is announced or released.

The Best Time To Trade In Kenya

The best time to trade is during overlaps in trading times between open markets. Overall, Exness is the best Islamic / Swap-Free forex broker in Nigeria. Each of Exness’ retail account choices includes an Islamic account. Exness provides Nigerian traders with unlimited best time to trade forex leverage and an NGN-denominated account. OANDA is a forex and CFD broker offering Nigerian traders three retail accounts. Forex, Commodities, ETFs, Options, Shares, Indices, Treasuries, and several other instruments are the main investment types offered by brokers.

Due to high volatility, you need to be careful with your risk management strategies while executing trades as sudden market moves can disturb your account. The interbank interest rates or repo rate is controlled by the central bank or monetary authority of a country. The changes are made in the interest rates on regular basis for contractionary and expansionary monetary policies.

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