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Forex And Economic Calendar

Usually, the difference between expectations from economic data and actual data has the most significant impact on the market. — the time scale allows a quick selection of data pertaining to the previous day, current day, and the next three days. Additionally, a tab to view the entire list of events during the current and next week is available. Using the input box in the custom search facility, a trader can choose the period of interest for studying the economic data.

  • Additionally, a tab to view the entire list of events during the current and next week is available.
  •’s Economic Calendar displays financial market events and announcements from across the world.
  • You can use the same filtering options as in the desktop web calendar, even allowing you to set custom date ranges.
  • The Forex market is traded 24/7 and is largely driven by economic news and data.
  • More than 500 indices of the world’s largest economies are based on real-time data collected from public sources.

Historic data assists in the study and interpretation of the economic data announced recently. Most of the charts show some amount of historical data related to the concerned economic event. However, the level of interaction possible with the forex calendar chart differs from calendar to calendar. This section makes an attempt to assess the quality of the charts provided by the economic calendars. The US economic calendar is the most important one since the country is the largest world economy.

Regulated Forex Brokers provides a very simple historic line chart with forecast and actual values. Forex Factory shows a scalable interactive histogram chart with all values — actual, forecast, and revised. The problem with the revised data representation on the chart is that its color mixes with the actual data presented in light blue. Dukascopy offers a scalable line chart providing the actual and forecast values for the past few years for a given indicator. All data are displayed in chronological order, divided by day.

The iOS and Android apps are available for the DailyFX calendar. It has a slightly different design but offers almost the same information as the mobile web browser version, except for the former not showing any details forex calendar about announcements. Myfxbook — has Today, Tomorrow, This Week, and Next Week buttons. You can also use the pop-up calendar facility to set a date range, and its start and end fields can also be edited manually.

Why Is An Economic Calendar Important?

Forex traders need to use a to map important events that can change forex market prices in a tight time frame. For example, Forex fundamental announcements calendar or the forex news calendar can sometimes influence the market for several days, weeks, or months.

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Trading Economics shows revised values and uses a circled ‘R’ symbol next to them. shows revised values with a dotted line underneath.


Still, other national events of different countries also impact this arena. Such events have gigantic effects on the currency market, even though the ruling currency is the dollar.

How To Use The Forex Inrs Forex Calendar?

Calendars use a currency ISO code, a country flag, or a country ISO code to show the origin of each of the listed events. To make the calendars more compact, the websites use various icons, images, codes, and abbreviations to display the list of events. A legend, similar to those used on maps, can accompany a calendar to describe such elements. However, not all the calendars provide a legend and not all of them are equally helpful. no longer changes the calendar URL according to your time zone.

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